The wonderful and most impressive results that we have attained were in homes in which the homeowners took a real and significant part in the creative process of their design, while including us in their inspirations,  preferred materials, the unique necessity or an item from an interesting collection.

Internal design consultation services enable customers to lead the design process while receiving guidance, emphases and recommendations from us within the framework of a focused consultation meeting or a number of meetings throughout the process.

What is internal design consultation?

Internal design consultation could be provided as a process that includes a number of meetings or focused into a one-time meeting.

The needs addressed within the framework of an internal design consultation are diversified, commencing from the overall reorganization and change of the existing home and terminating in the focused planning of a single room.

In some instances, internal design consultation involves a home in which the customer has already resided for many years and wishes to renovate it and, in other instances, reference is to consultation regarding renovation, new construction or work with existing architectural blueprints.

We can be consulted for a range of relevant issues for internal designing from the planning of space through selecting the illumination, carpentry items and finishing materials for the home, floors and coverings.

One consultation meeting could assist you in selecting the correct solutions and in correct decision-making for the space.

We are highly capable and experienced in the planning and designing, which enables us to provide creative and surprising and focused solutions professionally and correctly in a single meeting.

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