If you are dreaming about renovating your home to impart it with a designed, stylish, illuminated and more harmonious appearance, but do not know where to begin…

If you yearn for a change in your home but you have no idea how to plan and how much this would cost you…

If you about to commence renovations to your home, but are afraid of complications, because you lack professional know-how…

We recommend that you take advantage of assistance in our professional consultation services

What is architectural consultation prior to renovations?

A consultation meeting prior to renovations is personally adapted to the customer’s needs.

It is important for us to obtain advance data, plans, pictures of the existing home At the beginning of the meeting, the customer presents the project and his needs and desires and, during the meeting, we examine planning and designing solutions for the space pursuant to the needs.

At a later stage, we can also evaluate the budget necessary for executing the work. In conclusion, we can recommend the customer as to whether to renovate the property out of an overall view of all the relevant aspects and adapting them to the customer’s needs.

The consultation assists the customer to distinguish between imagination and reality and between changes that can be executed and those that are impossible from an aspect of the architectural and engineering data of his property.

If some of the changes are impossible, we will provide additional, practical and useful options.

One consultation meeting could assist you in selecting the correct solutions and in correct decision-making regarding the extent and essence of the renovations.

We are highly capable and experienced in the planning and designing,, which enables us to provide creative and surprising and focused solutions professionally and correctly in a single meeting.

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