People often ask themselves whether a property that they have seen is a good investment, a pleasant home in which to live, or perhaps its purchase will be found to have been a regretful and erroneous decision.

When reference is to large sums of money that are in the balance, receiving consultation prior to purchasing the property, from architectural aspects, could constitute the optimal solution that enables you to make and intelligent and safe decision.

What is a consultation meeting prior to purchasing?

A consultation meeting prior to purchasing is personally adapted to the customer’s needs.

It is important for us to receive a background and data regarding the project in advance.

At the beginning of the meeting, the customer presents the project and his needs and desires and, during the meeting, we examine planning and designing solutions for the space pursuant to the needs.

At a later stage, we can also evaluate the budget necessary for executing the work.

In conclusion, we can recommend to the customer where to purchase the property from a viewpoint of all the relevant aspects headed by the quality of the project and its adaptation to the customer’s needs.

We are highly capable and experienced in the aspects that enable us to provide creative and surprising solutions professionally and correctly in a single meeting.

One consultation meeting could assist you in selecting the correct solutions and in correct decision-making regarding the acquisition of a property.

When reference is to deliberation amongst a number of properties, we can examine the advantages of each property and its planning potential and evaluate the anticipated costs, thus assisting in correct decision-making.

If the property is in the center/ Sharon regions, an on-site meeting can be arranged.

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