Halel Architecture and Interior Design is a leading boutique office in the architecture and interior design field and is highly experienced in a broad range of projects.

Our expertise focuses on the residential field, designing workspaces and commercial spaces.

The office was established and is managed by Architect Shira Muskal a cum laude Technion graduate and Hadas Roth, an interior designer, a graduate of Ascola Meimad and has a professional and experienced staff of designers and architectural technical engineers.

Each challenging project commences with an in-depth study and benefits professionally and pleasantly from outstanding, creative and unique planning solutions.

If you dream of owning a property in ISRAEL
WE will transform your dream into a reality

Our advantages


Unconventional thinking and an aspiration to develop, seek and find unusual ideas characterize us. Our creativity gains expression throughout the planning procedure accompaniment and management in planning the project, coping with complex and challenging situations.

The Power of Two

After many years of joint work, we complement and enrich each other.
All of our projects benefit from two planners, who propose a luxuriant and broad range of blueprints and especially creative planning solutions.

Customer Relations

We believe in superb service and uncompromising personal relationships, integrity and reliability. Our belief is that planning and designing your private space is a joint and special process, which is simultaneously a personal, positive and intensifying experience

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