about halel

Driven By Design.
Inspired By Challenges.

Halel Architecture and Interior Design is a leading and innovative boutique studio in the field of luxury real estate.

The studio was jointly founded in 2004 by Architect Shira Muskal and Interior Designer Hadas Roth. Both share the approach that believes in the power of aesthetics to impact our quality of life. 

These days, the studio employs 10 professional creative designers and architects that live and breathe design. 

The studio specializes in the renovation of existing properties, turning them into breathtaking homes. We have a track record of hundreds of projects that have changed the quality of life for many families and increased the value of their properties. 

The studio also specializes in commercial planning and design for hi-tech offices and other unique spaces. 


With 20 years of experience working with a variety of clients on both shared and independent projects, we developed a method of which we are exceptionally proud. Our method leads to results, but no less important is the positive, experiential, and rich journey we take our clients on, which manifests itself in an immaculate end-product.

We create beautiful and happy homes through a process that results in a unique property tailor-made to your lifestyle. One that will inspire you and your living experience.


It’s All About The Process


One stop shop

Thanks to realistic images and a 3D virtual tour, you will be offered a glimpse of your future home. These are created only once we have studied and gained an in-depth understanding of your dreams, inspirations, favorite sites around the globe, and any up-to-date cutting-edge innovations in the design industry.

Together we will embark on an exciting and inspiring journey of textures, materials, and colors. We will guide you through the decision-making process and introduce you to professional craftsmen who are leading in their field, to ensure uncompromised quality. 

Together, in full collaboration, we will see your new home come to life.

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